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The FINMARK FINANCIALS is a division of MEMON FINMARK Inc. a service oriented Canadian corporation established since 2001 to provide financial and marketing services to its clients.

The FINMARK FINANCIALS has been formed in association with several other companies who provide specialized services in a diminutive segment of the financial marketplace. However the division has been formulated to operate independent of all its associates and act as financial advisor to its clients, as trading agent of foreign exchange trading and not captive to any one company, having option to choose from a vast variety of funds and financial instruments.

The financial services market in Canada is extremely competitive and is in constant state of flux. Consumers are rightly demanding higher quality service and superior products while at the same time showing willingness to pay ONLY the most competitive prices available in the marketplace.

The FINMARK FINANCIALS is visionary efforts of an experience banker having expertise in various segments of financial industry, exposure of Foreign Exchange Business, Landing & Borrowing; Credit processing and portfolio management as well as he has twenty two years of domestic & international experience in the areas of retail and corporate banking, design, development, deployment of tools, technologies and solutions for in the financial marketplace.

Our Know Your Client Policy and Anti Money Laundering Act:
Know Your Client ("KYC") verification procedures are at the very heart of the due diligence obligations under the code of conduct of Finmark Financials. Click here to download our code of conducts and requirements to process the transaction.






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